nIALL Project_Obihiro / wonder-land-scape (workshop), nIALL Cafe, Click in "Aozora", SEEKING-
terior, Pin-up City, etc .(2002)

The project is to make the residence exhibition in the 5-hectare site with participation of nIAll,
the nIAll staff, citizens, the construction companies and many volunteers.
The whole body becomes the nIAll's work with various activities in this, town, during Demeter.

We will focus on the residential landscape. A life-sized residential landscape will be constructed in a five-hector space within the Obihiro racehorse track. There will be three workshops: 01:
Drawing Landscapes (Designing Residential Landscapes), 02; Drawing Lives (House Layouts), and 03; Drawing Houses (Materials and Functions). In all workshops there will be discussion on the ideal residential landscape.

From the living environment to lifestyle details, we will extensively and intensively discuss "housing" with different experts, such as artists, architects, and representatives from the housing industries.

Workshop 01: "Drawing Landscapes" - Designing Residential Landscapes
Saturday, April 27th and Sunday April 28th, 2002
Someone always plans residential landscapes. We will redesign familiar residential landscapes from free ideas, away from legal restrictions. The residential landscapes designed in this workshop will be provided to the participants for workshop 02, 03 and for Demeter during the limited time period.

Workshop 02: "Drawing Life" - Layouts as Mirrors of Life
Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th, 2002
In the given residential space, we will create life-sized layouts of houses. Imagining the time spans of one hour, one day, one year, and ten years, we will plan the most appropriate layouts for residents.

Workshop 03: "Drawing Houses" - Bodies are Always Touching the House
Saturday, June 8th and Sunday, June 9th, 2002
An unlimited number of materials are used to build a house. We touch, look at, hear, and smell those materials everyday. We will try to discover the kinds and volumes of materials necessary for our houses.
Place: Obihiro Horserace Track Restaurant (See the map in the right)

Masato Nakamura
Born in Akita in 1963
Lives in Tokyo

While being an artist, Nakamura runs a non-profit organization called "Command N" and presents his activities in different forms ? his artwork is not only limited to his personal creations but includes his activity as an organizer. He is a rare artist who studies art and the situation surrounding art in relation to the urban environment in formulating his works.

2001 Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy)
2000 "Cold Burn" (Museum of contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan)
1999 The 3rd Asia Pacific Triennnale (Brisbane, Australia)
1998 Solo Exhibition "QSC+mV" (Hiroshima City of Contemporary Art, Hioshima; SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Tokyo, Japan)
1996 Solo Exhibition "TRAUMA TRAUMA"(SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Tokyo, Japan)

Kenta Kishi
Born in Tokyo in 1969
Lives in Kanagawa

Kishi explores creative activities uniquely integrating two fields: "architecture"and "education."His work is an entire process of presenting proposals in a dialogue style, editing various "events"created in the process, and their application. Kishi is an architect who aims to develop a new reference field to induce various plans.

2000 "URBAN ANCHORING" (Alvar Aalto Symposium & Workshop, Helsinki, Finland)
1999 workshop "TOKYO 500m by 500m" (Tokyo Art University, Tokyo, Japan)
1998 workshop "URBAN CLOUD" (Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore)
1998 workshop "IMAGINALY BEINGS" (LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore)
1998 "STILL MOVING" (Cranbrook Art museum, Detroit, US)

Haruaki Tanaka
Born in Fukui in 1970
Lives in Tokyo

Tanaka runs a media art project called, flow-media ambience re-design, which is loosely organized by artists from different genres. frow realizes the need to present issues in the form of "art" that maintains in a hypothesis, materialize the answer from verifying the hypothesis in the field of "design," lead to solutions, and finally reduce them to society. This whole process is frow's work: improving our daily environment and making it more flexible.

2000 "rtstalker-interdisciplinary" (Maison franco-japonaise, Tokyo, Japan)
2000 "R5R Project" (Tokyo, Japan)
1999 "fancy dance?-Contemporary Japanese Art After 1990" ( "Artsonje Museum" Seoul, Korea)
1999 "Beach House Project" (Tsujido beach, Shonan, Japan)
1999 "" (Museum of Modern Art, NY, US)