Three Windows (1999)

The latest Cine Nomad's work, "Three Wndows", which has been shown around the world has received high praise.
The poet of the proud loneliness, the late Robart Lux who lived on the Greek Patmos Island.
His daily life, poet-writing and his surrounding environment are shown by three-sided screens in the Mongolian ger(Design: Junko Suetake).

A team of two film directors: Nicolas Humbert, born in 1958 and Werner Penzel, born in 1950
Lives in Munich

They have created poetic video works on nomadic people, such as: Fred Frith, a musician who travels around the world, "Cirque O" a traveling circus company, and one on the Tuareg nomads of the Sahara desert. As their lives are consistently "on the move," their clear, conscious existence of "being here and now" is revealed in their monochromatic images. The latest work is Three Windows, about the poetry and life of the late Robert Lax, an American poet who lived on Patmos Island in Greece.

1999-2001 "Three Windows" (Muenchen Museum, Germany; P3 art and environment, Tokyo; Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland)
1995 "Middle of the Moment"