A Beggar Woman, Lagos, 2001, 12:00
A Homeless Woman, Cairo, 2001, 6:33

Born in Taegu, Korea, in 1957
Lives in New York

Until 1997 Venice Biennial, Sooja used clothes as her materials, but she recently uses a bus (!) and video works to diversify her expressions. Consistently based on the concept of "sewing," she continues to make flexible and intriguing studies of the invisible "thread" of human relations woven into society in the past, present, and future.

2000 Solo Exhibition "A Needle Woman" (ICC, Tokyo)
2000 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (Nigata, Japan)
1997 Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy)


"A Needle Woman is walking on the horseracing track▀c" I walked after Kim Sooja, who was dressed in black, with her long hair tied back.
She smiled and said, "I borrowed this digital camera from my son," and slowly walked and stopped and took some pictures. Sooja, who uses Korean cloth for her work, took interest in Ainu clothing and got excited listening to Ainu music: "it's close to Arirang rhythm!" She really liked Obihiro for her first visit. "The air is so clean and smells good. The water is like silk. It's amazing that nature is preserved like this..." she said with joy.
When we asked when she started to wear her hair in the way she does, she gently smiled and said, "Since I was a student. People think it's difficult to take care of, but it's the easiest hairstyle." Her smile and gentle way of talking beguiled us all.