Sky TV(2002)

This is multi-version of her work based on the 'Sky TV' which was released in 1966.
Nine videos cameras have been toward the sky and eighty-one TV monitors show piece of Tokachi sky.
'The sky shines equally to us so it doesn't care who is rich. Everyone can share the sky
all the time. When we got poor and have a hard time, the sky shines eternally.' she said.

Hokkaido Telephone Peace (2002)

One telephone. There is a message on its side that says: ÉÅPlease pick up thephone when it rings. Yoko Ono is calling.ÉÇ The only person who knows the number is Yoko Ono. The work of art exists as one-to-one communication between the artist and whoever happens to be there when the phone rings.

Born in Tokyo in 1933
Lives in New York

Ono Yoko is "most famous unknown artist. Everybody knows her name, but nobody knows what she does." (Quote from John Lennon.) Although she is very famous as the widow of John Lennon, her works as an artist have been recently reevaluated. Her artworks take various forms of expression of liberation from established concepts. Facing her works, people can't resist her invitation to transgress existing borders, making connections with all manner of objects and matter.

2000 Yokohama Triennale (Yokohama,Japan)
2000 Solo Exhibition "YES YOKO ONO" (Japan Society Gallery, NY; Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, US)
2000 Sydney Biennale (Sydney, Australia)