Table of Contents
001 Frontispiece
026 Outline of the Exhibition
029 About the Exhibition
032 Invited Artists
033 Cai Guo Qiang
041 Yoko Ono
049 Cine Nomad
057 Shigeaki Iwai
065 Kim Sooja
073 Casagrande & Rintala
081 Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Horbelt
089 Tadashi Kawamata
097 Ingo Gunther
105 nIALL /Masato Nakamura, Kenta Kishi, Haruaki Tanaka
113 In the Graze of Demeter /Takashi Serizawa
118 Over the Sky /Yoko Ono X Yugo Ono
125 Timeline /Process from Concept to Opening
137 The Enchantment of Demeter /Makoto Murata
141 Like a Fringe, and Like a Hishi. /Ryuta Imawafuku
145 Main Projects
146 Related Projects
148 Acknowledgements
150 Demeter Executive Committee, Staff, and Collaborators
152 Profile of General Director
187Frontispiece Caption
Cai Guo Qiang

Over the Sky /Yoko Ono X Yugo Ono